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Earn Awards by Hiking & Paddling the Tupper Lake Triads

posted by Teresa Farrell at 2020-09-06 21:54:00

It’s no secret that the Adirondack region is home to some of the best hiking and paddling in New York State. There are many famous trails and waterways that people complete to earn distinctions—for example, climb all 46 High Peaks and you can call yourself an Adirondack 46er—but these famous and popular paths are far from the only ones in the area. This summer, challenge yourself to do something a little different, by land or by sea, and check out the Tupper Lake Triads.
Located to the southwest of the popular High Peaks area, south of Saranac Lake, the Tupper Lake Triads consist of two different three-part adventures situated around the village of Tupper Lake. You can choose the hiking triad, where you climb up three mountains to complete the challenge, or the paddling triad, where you canoe or kayak through three waterways in the area to finish. If you record your trips and send in your information, you’ll receive a patch signaling that you have completed the Tupper Lake Triad.

The Tupper Lake Hiking Triad, which was introduced in 2015, requires participants to make the trek up three mountains: Mount Arab, a two-mile round trip, moderately steep hike to the summit with a fire tower on top; Coney Mountain, a less intense round trip of 2.2 miles that rewards with beautiful views from the top and bountiful blueberry bushes in the summer; and Goodman Mountain, named for civil rights activist Andrew Goodman, which offers gorgeous views and a 3.4-mile round trip. Each of these peaks is located close to Tupper Lake, and you can complete them in the summer or the winter to earn two different patches. Complete them between March 21 and Dec. 19 to for the summer hiking patch, or between Dec. 20 and March 20 to for the winter hiking patch. Bring your pups along, too, and they can earn their own patch for completing the three hikes—the Canine Triad.

The Tupper Lake Paddling Triad is a new addition for 2020. Just as the Hiking Triad involves three hikes, the Paddling Triad involves three paddles. Complete them all and you've earned your patch.

You don’t have to invest in your own watercraft do to this challenge, either; local shops are happy to rent you a canoe or kayak and all the necessary gear. While you can’t really paddle in the winter, this is a challenge you can complete anytime in the spring, summer or fall; just be mindful of safety and don’t go out in cold or dangerous weather conditions during the shoulder seasons.
The three paddling trips that make up the triad are Axton Landing to Stony Creek Ponds, an eight-mile-round-trip paddle that brings you from the Raquette River to Ampersand Brook to Stony Creek Ponds; The Crusher to Big Tupper Boat Launch, a seven-mile gentle downstream paddle along the Raquette River (importantly, the challenge site encourages those paddling this stretch to leave a second car at the Tupper Lake Boat Launch instead of attempting to get back upstream against the current); and Raquette Pond to Setting Pole Dam, a family-friendly paddle, three miles each way, that offers views of the village of Tupper Lake and the surrounding wilderness (note that the triad site urges caution as you near the dam, which you’ll find at the end of the three mile paddle before you turn back toward the launch point).
When you’ve finished either triad, it’s time to get your patch. For a five dollar registration fee, you can download the Tupper Lake Triad registration form and mail it with a check payable to ROOST (Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism) to TL Triad, 121 Park Street, Tupper Lake, NY 12986. In a few weeks you’ll have your patch in hand—and you can get started on earning the next one!


Paddling the Tupper Lake region photo credit Tupper Lake
Tupper Lake Triad patches photo credit Tupper Lake
Tupper Lake paddling triad patch photo credit Tupper Lake
Canine Triad patch photo credit ADK Hiker

Goodman Mountain view photo credit Tupper Lake
posted at: 2020-09-06 21:54:00, last updated: 2021-04-06 16:39:27

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