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 Discover the Art of Wine & Brew tasting

at hundreds of award-winning Wineries and Brewpubs

Compare the flavor, body, and bouquets of various beverages produced locally.
New York State is Home to some of the Finest table wines  and Craft beers in the World. As the second-largest wine-producing region in America, the State's hundreds of wineries are making international waves with award-winning Cabernet Francs, Chardonnays, Rieslings and other varieties.

Wine and brew tasting is a fun way to compare the flavor, body, and bouquet of award-winning beverages which have been produced from ingredients grown and aged in the local vineyards and breweries -The production of fine wines and craft beers is both an art and a science, and it has much to do with the climate, growing conditions, selection of grapes or hops, and especially the dedicated genius of the local growers themselves.


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