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Visit hundreds of award-winning Wineries and Brewpubs  

Follow the Wine & Brew trails, Discover the Art of Wine & Brew tasting,

and compare the flavor, body, and bouquets of various beverages produced locally.


Discover the Art of Wine & Brew Tasting

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New York State is Home to some of the Finest table wines  and Craft beers in the World. As the second-largest wine-producing region in America, the State's hundreds of wineries are making international waves with award-winning Cabernet Francs, Chardonnays, Rieslings and other varieties.

Wine and brew tasting is a fun way to compare the flavor, body, and bouquet of award-winning beverages which have been produced from ingredients grown and aged in the local vineyards and breweries -The production of fine wines and craft beers is both an art and a science - and it has much to do with the climate, growing conditions, selection of grapes or hops, and especially the dedicated genius of the local growers themselves.




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