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Discover Spring Golfing & Farm Fresh Food in the Great Western Catskills

posted by Delaware County at 2024-06-01 20:31:00

The Great Western Catskills are coming alive as the warm spring air makes its way through the mountains. Spring flowers are in bloom, the golf courses are open with local food and cold beverages, and farmers’ are busy from dawn to dusk. With all the activity of spring comes fresh local produce at farmers’ markets, golf tournaments providing a great reason to plan a weekend trip, and Vintage Base Ball games that entertain the entire family.

Farming and agriculture have always been closely connected with the Great Western Catskills of Delaware County.

It is evident as you drive through the rolling hills and notice farm fields and silos around nearly every turn. Once known for its cauliflower production and dairy farming, it is now known for an array of products such as fresh vegetables, cheese, and pasture-raised meat. There are many opportunities to try farm fresh products by visiting one of the ten local farmers’ markets, stopping at a roadside farm stand, or dining at a restaurant that sources local products.

Farm stands are a great place to shop locally if you are looking for a few items on your way home or to a weekend retreat. Visit Byebrook Farm and Humdinger Farm Stores in Bloomville, Burn Ayr in Delhi, and Covered Bridge Farm Market in Unadilla for items direct from the farmers. Often operating on the honesty policy, these farm stands have their doors open with farm fresh eggs, meat, pies, cheese, and other items depending on the location. Make sure to bring cash!


Restaurants in Delaware County do their best to source as much as they can from local farms.

Some restaurants that go above and beyond to source locally are Hollow and EightyMain in Delhi, Hamden Inn & Lounge in Hamden, Brushland Eating House and Bovina Farm and Fermentory in Bovina, and The Old Schoolhouse Inn in Downsville.

Vintage Base Ball is a treasured pastime in Delaware County, with three local teams that go head-to-head while playing by the rules of the 1800’s.

Beginning on May 18th, local and visiting teams will captivate visitors and friends alike while catching the ball with bare hands and sliding into home plate in uniforms that nod to base ball’s history. Catch a game this season by viewing the schedule here.


You can participate in a sports weekend by visiting one of our world-class golf courses. The area boasts critically acclaimed courses such as The College Golf Course at Delhi and Hanah Mountain Resort & Country Club. If you’d like stay and play options check out French Woods Golf & Country Club and Roscoe Mountain Club. For those looking to pick up golf for the first time, Meadows Golf Center offers an accessible 9-hole course and Shephard Hills Golf Club offers golf club rentals and lessons. For more information on all golf courses in the area, go here.

College Golf Course_SUNY (Photo courtesy of The College Golf Course at Delhi)

Whether traveling from a busy city or visiting from a nearby town, the Great Western Catskills welcome you to take a deep breath, enjoy a fresh meal, catch a vintage base ball game and unwind while playing a round of golf with friends. Learn more about the Great Western Catskills on the website GreatWesternCatskills.com.
Great Western Catskills –       https://greatwesterncatskills.com/
Golf courses –             https://greatwesterncatskills.com/hit-the-links-with-us/
Farmers’ markets –     https://greatwesterncatskills.com/farmers-markets/
Vintage Base Ball –    https://greatwesterncatskills.com/catch-a-game-this-coming-season/
Ten local farmers’ markets – https://greatwesterncatskills.com/farmers-markets/
ByeBrook Farm –        https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054364608498
Humdinger Farm Store –        https://www.facebook.com/HumdingerFarmStore/
Burn Aye Farm –        https://www.facebook.com/burnayrfarm
Covered Bridge Farm Market – https://www.facebook.com/CoveredBridgeFarmMarket/
Hollow –                      https://www.hollowcatskills.com/
EightyMain –               https://www.eightymain.com/
Hamden Inn & Lounge –        https://www.hamdeninnandlounge.com/
Brushland Eating House –      https://www.brushlandeatinghouse.com/
Bovina Farm & Fermentory – https://www.bovinafarmfermentory.com/
The Old Schoolhouse Inn –    https://www.oldschoolhouseinn.com/
Vintage Base Ball –    https://greatwesterncatskills.com/catch-a-game-this-coming-season/
Schedule here –          https://greatwesterncatskills.com/catch-a-game-this-coming-season/
The College Golf Course at Delhi –   https://golfcourse.delhi.edu/
Hanah Country Club & Resort –         https://www.hanahcountryresort.com/course-description
French Woods Golf & Country Club – http://frenchwoodsgolf.com/
Roscoe Mountain Club – https://www.roscoemountainclub.com/
Meadows Golf Center –          https://www.meadowsgolfcenter.com/
Shepard Hills Golf Club –       https://shephardhills.com/
Learn more here –      https://greatwesterncatskills.com/hit-the-links-with-us/
GreatWesternCatskills.com – https://greatwesterncatskills.com/
posted at: 2024-06-01 20:31:00, last updated: 2024-06-02 10:31:37

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