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​It's Vintage Base Ball and a Summer Breeze in the Catskills

posted by Delaware County at 2023-06-11 09:13:00

Summer has arrived in the Great Western Catskills and with it are barefoot walks in the yard, that great feeling of sun on our skin, and a lot of reasons to be spending time outside. Whether going for a drive with the windows down, diving into your favorite swimming spot, or getting ice cream after a long day, summer adventures are simply the sweetest. Our small towns are bustling with activity. Restaurants have opened outdoor dining, farmers’ markets are in full swing but one of the most exciting activities to experience is Vintage Base Ball 

Delaware County Vintage Baseball Association is proud to have three Vintage Baseball teams across the Western Catskills. We have Fleischmann Mountain Athletic Club (M.A.C.), Delhi Polecats and Bovina Dairymen. Before we get into it, you might be asking yourself, what is vintage base ball? Vintage base ball (yes, in the 19th century it was two words!) is an ode to the way base ball was played in the 1800s, when rules were changing yearly and only the catcher wore a mitt. Most vintage base ball teams play by a set of rules from a specific year.

The Bovina Dairymen play by the rules of 1895. Carrying on a long legacy of base ball, the Fleischmanns M.A.C. were originally founded in 1895 by Max and Julius Fleischmann. The team played until 1914 and resurrected in true vintage base ball fashion in 2007. The game is competitive and fun, focused on bringing the community together for an exciting afternoon!

There are many upcoming games across the Great Western Catskills this summer. Catch the Delhi Polecats against the Bovina Dairymen in Hamden, NY on Sunday, July 9th at 2 pm. Before the game, grab a sandwich, snacks, local apothecary items and other local fare at Hamden General Store.

Stop by Hamden Meat & Flowers, a florist shop and purveyor of local meats, with curated selection of local home goods and antiques to browse. After the vintage base ball game, grab a drink and dinner or spend the night at the Hamden Inn & Lounge. They have excellent food and cocktails with a lovely atmosphere with dining inside and outside.
Sunday, July 22nd watch the Fleischmann M.A.C. play the Kingston Guards in Fleischmanns, NY. Grab a quick bite before the game at the delicious Greek Take-out Restaurant, Aegean Flavor. Bring your food to the Fleischmanns Village Park or eat on the bistro tables in front of the restaurant. Spend the night at the eclectic and recently renovated Arts Inn and visit the 1053 Gallery on Main Street while you are there.
Find your way to the gorgeous Creamery Field in Bovina Center, for a game with the Bovina Dairymen and the Delhi Polecats on Saturday, July 29th. Pick up a sandwich and provisions before the game at Russell’s General Store. Make a reservation ahead of time to enjoy a prix fixe meal at Brushland Eating House. Spend the next day in Andes, by visiting Hawk + Hive art gallery, Diamond Hollow Books, Wild Common Wine and finishing off the day with dinner at the Andes Hotel followed by a streamside drink at Dana’s Place.

There are many vintage base ball games to enjoy this summer. Browse the full schedule to find the game that fits your plans and make a weekend of it in the Great Western Catskills. Find more information about lodging, unique festivals, dining, shopping and all the ins and outs of the area on GreatWesternCatskills.com. It is a gorgeous time of year and one to be spent outside in the Catskill Mountains.

Photo: Dairyman at bat
Photo: Delhi Polecats by Jason Martin
Photo: Fleischmann MAC at Bat
Photo: Creamery Field Slide, Jason Martin
Photo: Andes Hotel by Christian Harder
Photo: Summer by Joe Damone
posted at: 2023-06-11 09:13:00, last updated: 2023-08-07 22:15:40

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