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Huttopia Adirondacks – A Family Vacation Made Easy

posted by Huttopia Adirondacks at 2023-04-14 17:06:00

Sometimes, planning a family vacation feels like it demands a vacation in itself. Keeping track of everyone’s schedules, balancing varying interests, coming up with a daily itinerary, making sure there will be food options for your picky one, and staying on-budget can be enough to make you want to put down the computer and pick up the wine. Oh, and somewhere in there we forgot to mention that vacation should also be relaxing.
This is where Huttopia  enters the chat. They’re a glamping company that manage to strike the balance between nature and comfort, so that you and your family can explore the great outdoors while knowing that you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Their sites offer a range of canvas and wood-frame tents  that can accommodate 2 to 5 people, whether you’re looking for a couple’s getaway or a family vacation. All their tents come furnished (towels and linens included), so that you can enjoy camping without worrying about forgetting the tentpoles, or realizing mid-thunderstorm that you didn’t put the rain fly on right. You can even choose tents with a private bathroom and hot water. Every single accommodation is supplied with real beds, so that you can sleep soundly and wake up well-rested for a day of adventure.
Beyond their cozy accommodations, Huttopia’s nature-oriented activities programs  help to set them apart from other glamping companies. Their website says they channel the spirit of summer camp, and you can see this in the Little Trappers activities they offer to kids (for free!) every day during the summer. Beyond providing entertainment for the little ones, these activities are a blessing as they help to take the load off parents who feel like they’re tasked with planning every minute of their family’s vacation. What’s more, many of the activities, like morning yoga or outdoor movie nights, are planned with adults in mind, so you won’t feel like you’re actually tagging along at your kids’ summer camp.
One of the hardest parts of planning vacations can be finding a destination with activities that will entertain all members of your family. Huttopia Adirondack’s  location – tucked inside Adirondack Park, but only a 15 minute drive from Lake George Village – is the perfect location to balance those who are interested in exploring the town’s shops and restaurants, and those who would rather spend the day hiking a mountain. Or why not do both? Hope on a steamboat to explore Lake George, dose up on history at Fort William Henry, and challenge your family to some minigolf at a local course, then put on your hiking shoes to enjoy the stunning views from Prospect Mountain, or the cascades of Shelving Rock Falls. If you want to take things easy, you can always relax on site. With a heated pool, playground, ping pong and foosball tables, and a lodge filled with board games and a library, you won’t run out of ways to have fun.
Finally, take advantage of the many food options at and around Huttopia Adirondacks. It can be difficult to accommodate picky eaters, while also not restricting yourself to a diet of chicken nuggets and ketchup. Enjoy the Huttopia bistro’s classics, including homemade pizzas or sweet and savory crêpes, or grab a pastry with coffee in the morning, true to the company’s French DNA. Alternatively, take advantage of your accommodation’s gas grill to make the most of grilling season. This set up offers you the freedom to “eat out” or to cook up your own meals, based on what’s most convenient for you. All the grills have a gas burner, allowing you to make full use of the pots and pans provided in each accommodation.
This is what Huttopia’s ready-to-camp philosophy is all about: furnishing accommodations with everything you need and nothing you don’t, ensuring that guests are taken care of so that they can enjoy the most refreshing parts of nature. And, if you’re seeking out even more dining options, Lake George’s many restaurants are only 15 minutes away.
Huttopia really does seem to have mastered the concept of “vacation-made-easy.” With their furnished tents, many activities, prime location, and many food options, they really do understand how to make parents’ lives easier, all while inviting guests into the great outdoors. Whether for a couples camping retreat of a family getaway, Huttopia is this summer’s place to be.


Huttopia Adirondacks webpage: https://canada-usa.huttopia.com/en/site/adirondacks/
Huttopia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huttopiacanadausa/
Huttopia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huttopiacanadausa
posted at: 2023-04-14 17:06:00, last updated: 2023-04-15 07:27:04

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