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The Best Action Cameras to Help Share Your Adventures

posted by Abroo Murtaza at 2021-05-02 15:36:00

Whether you are planning to go for deep-sea diving or are aiming for bungee jumping, you don’t need to worry about getting your photographs taken or recording the exhilarating experience; all of it can be done by getting an action cam! Whether you have body cam glasses  or a traditional action camera, you can capture the beauty of your trip perfectly, and the video will surely give you an adrenaline rush whenever you watch it leaving you to cherish the memories of those wonderful moments.

Here are some of the best action cams that you must opt for and make your trip more memorable:

     GoPro Hero 9 Black:

GoPro has evolved and can shoot a 5k video and capture 20MP still images. The best part is you can also extract 14.7MP images from a 5k video. Its software has also improved and gives smoothness to the camera’s functionality. Its battery works pretty well, particularly in cold weather conditions when most of the batteries fail. You can record all day long without worrying about the batteries being failed. GoPro Hero 9 black is currently the best action cam that is being used widely. 

     Insta 360 One R Twin Edition:

What else can be better than a 360-degree action cam? Insta 360 One R twin is an amazing gadget with interchangeable lenses, i.e., a 4k mod mirror, a dual-lens 360 camera, and a Leica lens with a 10inch sensor that can capture a 5k video. The image and video quality of this camera is great. Insta 360 has released a new firmware added to the camera features, for example, PureShot that uses AI for dynamic range and reduce noise, and the higher bit rate let the One R turn into a webcam. 

     DJI Osmo Action Cam:

This One is the new addition to the family of cams. Its dual touchscreen display made it a distinctive one among others. It can capture amazing and stable images, and its HDR video option lets you capture your adventure in its entirety. The only drawback is that it has no GPS support and does not allow social sharing. However, it is compatible with all the mounts of action cams and accessories. 

     Olympus Tough TG-6:

If you opt for deep-sea diving or any other underwater adventure, Olympus tough TG-6 has to be your pick. It gives you good quality pictures and videos. It is dustproof, freezeproof, shockproof, crushproof, and tough. It can autofocus, extra lenses, and also an underwater case that enhancing its dept rating. 

     Sony FDR-X3000:

Its design is like that of a video cam and has an image monitor strapped to your wrist. It has a waterproof case that will let you take it 60 meters down and capture an optically stable video. It records 4k 30-fps video and enables live streaming. However, it also lacks the social sharing feature that GoPro has. 

     Dragon Touch Vision 3 Pro:

This One is the best on-budget action camera. It has a 170-degree wide camera, 4x zoom lens, and good quality video and pictures. The camera has Wi-Fi which enables you to transfer images to your phones directly. Its waterproof case makes it suitable for all sorts of water adventures. 


All these action cams are perfect for adventure enthusiasts. A good action cam can multiply the fun of your exciting and memorable adventure. 

About the author:

Abroo Murtaza is the one enthusiastic and passionate writer who loves to write about traveling based on the interest of exploring new places, reading about them and then delivering the knowledge through her pen. Moreover, She's also fond of writing about technology trends, gadgets like latest, mobiles, cameras etc. She thus strives to provide accurate information and knowledge in respective areas of interest and educate people on real terms.

(Photos courtesy of Ava, Gary & the Author)

posted at: 2021-05-02 15:36:00, last updated: 2021-05-02 16:52:32

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