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Discover a Magical World in the Thousand Islands


Take an Uncle Sam's boat tour  to Heart Island and explore Boldt Castle, one of NY's finest attractions

The Thousand Islands  contains a magical world of islands, castles, picturesque waterfalls & rivers, historic lighthouses, and Romantic Sunsets along the northeastern part of Great Lake Ontario. You can easily travel the Region by car or bike along the historic Seaway Trail  to explore these and the many other adventures ..
The cozy waterfront villages of ClaytonAlexandria BaySackets Harbor, and Henderson  are filled with enticing restaurants, curious shops, and amazing views of Lake Ontario and the mighty St. Lawrence River. Dubbed the 'recreational boating capital of the world,' these 'river' towns abound with nautical adventures ranging from great lake fishing charters  to underwater diving expeditions  and boat tours to the famed Boldt Castle.


Antique Boat Museum, Clayton, NY

< Besides numerous wineries, brew pubs and fun-filled attractions, the town of Clayton boasts one of the finest Antique Boat Museums in North America. 

A little to the South, you'll find world-famous sunsets in the City of Oswego, which is home to two beautiful Marinas and historic Fort Ontario, and the nearby town of Pulaski, where you can do urban fishing for Trout and Salmon along the Salmon River.

The amazing lakes, tributaries and streams of Oswego County  are known around the World for excellent fishing, and the Area holds 8 World recordsincluding some of the largest Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Redhorse ever caught. Local communities along lake Ontario have Charter boats  that take fishermen to exciting 'hot spots' during the Summer months.

Public beaches  and over a dozen campgrounds  are situated along Lake Ontario's picturesque coastline, and provide the perfect backdrop for a magical vacation. There, you can lounge and play on white sand, swim in the natural fresh waters, enjoy hiking & biking, and spend precious time with the Family. 

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