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Waterfalls & Caverns in Thousand Islands

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Oswego County - has Everything you Need !
Thousand Islands
Explore Oswego County - has Everything you Need !  Using Our Interactive Map
Historic Oswego County offers year-round fun, natural beauty and outdoor activities of every kind highlight every season - making it an outdoor enthusiast's dream.
Robert Moses State Park
Thousand Islands
Explore Robert Moses State Park Using Our Interactive Map
Home to a large variety of flora and fauna, the park's nature, hiking and skiing trails wind through fields, forests and wetlands, with overlooks showcasing spectacular views.
Salmon River Falls Unique Area
Thousand Islands
Explore Salmon River Falls Unique Area Using Our Interactive Map
Salmon River Falls Unique Area encompasses a sparkling 110-foot waterfall in a 3000-foot long gorge lined with steep cliffs.
St. Lawrence County
Thousand Islands
Explore St. Lawrence County Using Our Interactive Map
Founded in 1802 and named for the Saint Lawrence River, this county is the largest county in New York State and features an enchanting mix rural mix of farms, forests and small towns.