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Discover the Haunted History of Olde Historic Palmyra

posted by Teresa Farrell at 2021-10-29 20:53:00

The Western New York  town of Palmyra may be small, but for more than two centuries, it’s been the home of big names and even bigger happenings in both Upstate New York and worldwide history. The former “Queen of the Erie Canal towns”, Palmyra’s rich background tells story of western New York during the heyday of the Erie Canal, when the famous trade route was opening up commerce all along its route, from Albany to Buffalo and back again. But Palmyra’s claim to fame stretches even further back into history than the Erie Canal; this small town has had a big impact on quite a few different events throughout our nation’s formation, and all that history is on display at Historic Palmyra.

Historic Palmyra is an incredible historic complex that features five different museums in one location and spans over two centuries of local, state and regional history. The exhibits and artifacts at Historic Palmyra date back as far as 1781 and as recent as 2000, spanning virtually every topic of local historic interest in between. The museum complex is dedicated to preserving that heritage and making it accessible for everyone to learn about and enjoy.

The museum complex that comprises Historic Palmyra is located on Palmyra’s historic William and Market Streets, just steps away from the Erie Canal.  The Alling Coverlet Museum, part of the complex, is home to the largest collection of hand-woven coverlets anywhere, and these and other quilts and textiles are on display for visitors to enjoy. The Phelps Store, the Historical Museum, Erie Canal Depot, and the Print Shop round out the museum roster at Historic Palmyra. Photos, tools, toys, medical and even religious artifacts are on display throughout these museums, and each one tells a different story.

A visit to the museum complex offers the opportunity to learn about Palmyra’s link to an astounding variety of historic events, from the American Revolution to the Civil War, the Erie Canal to Abolition and the Underground Railroad. The examples of architecture within Palmyra range from the early 1800s well into the Victorian era, and all of it is beautifully preserved for the public to admire and learn about. But that’s not all that goes on here—some say that the past never really left Historic Palmyra, and its reported hauntings make it a popular spot for ghost tours, especially this time of year. 

Historic Palmyra is so well known for its haunted history that the William Phelps General Store and the Palmyra Museum are both official members of New York State’s Haunted History Trail, and ghostly sightings are said to occur often in these historic haunts. It has even been the subject of three different episodes of ghost hunting TV shows. Ghost tours pop up throughout the year, but there’s an ever-present opportunity to schedule your own ghost hunting session as well. From now until May, Historic Palmyra is open for tours Tuesday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., but ghost hunts can be booked in the evenings all year.

For more information, including an events calendar and specific information on exhibits, artifacts, and other information you’ll need to plan your visit, check out Historic Palmyra’s website.  

General Store photo credit Historic Palmyra
Aling Coverlet Museum photo credit Historic Palmyra
Print shop photo credit Historic Palmyra
Haunted museum photo credit Historic Palmyra
Erie Canal Depot sign photo credit Historic Palmyra

posted at: 2021-10-29 20:53:00, last updated: 2021-10-29 21:48:05

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