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Discover Syracuse, the Erie Canal & More
Canal Corporation of NY State

Central New York 


Tour Underground Caverns, Go Biking & Kayaking, and Visit scenic Canal towns

A visit to the Central New York Region  gives an opportunity to see the historic and famous City of Syracuse, which also boasts an international airport and unique cultural attractions. There, you'll find great restaurants, varied lodgings and many things to do. To Find the list of 'Featured' CNY Towns and Counties, go Here.

The Erie Canal is one of the crowning American technological achievements of the 19th Century, and can be appreciated any time of year. To better understand the history, you can tour the interactive Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse - housed in the only remaining canal boat weighlock building in America (1850). Biking, hiking, kayaking, and paddling  on and in the Erie Canal just south of Syracuse are all the rage during the Summer months, and fascinating Canal Towns offer a small town atmosphere for lodging - plus great dining & wine tasting at the Central NY Food & Beverage Trail  in Madison County, and boat tours onboard the Erie Canal Boat Cruises in Herkimer.

For those interested in attending major Collegiate Sporting Events and Concerts, Syracuse also has the giant all-season enclosed JMA WIreless Dome (formerly called the Carrier Dome) which accommodates 35-50K fans and hosts exciting Syracuse University NCAA Division 1 and Atlantic Coast Conference Football, Basketball and Lacrosse Games plus major Musical Events.

Only 2 1/2 hours from NYC and 45 minutes from Albany, you can venture underground to experience the awesome subterranian rivers and caves at Howe Caverns. Open year-round at a comforatable 55 degrees Farenheit, guided walking & boat tours explain the history and geology of this amazing natural formation.

To find additional attractions, visit the Erie Canal PageOnce called the '8th Wonder of the World,' the Erie Canal forever changed the course of America's infrastructure and travel by opening up new trade routes over a new 363 mile waterway between Buffalo & the Great Lakes in the West to Albany & NYC in the East .. and after nearly 200 years, its fascinating legacy still flows through local locks, rivers, lakes, and communities.

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