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Oswego County Tourism
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Wine & Brew in Hudson Valley

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Millbrook Vineyards & Winery
Hudson Valley
Explore Millbrook Vineyards & Winery  Using Our Interactive Map
Established in 1982 on a former dairy farm, Millbrook Vineyards & Winery produces a range of wines that includes Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Tocai Friulano.
Orange County
Hudson Valley
Explore Orange County Using Our Interactive Map
Go See Orange County! Located just 60 minutes from NYC, Orange County is one of the most attractive areas in the New York metropolitan area and Hudson Valley.
Palaia Winery and Meadery
Hudson Valley
Explore Palaia Winery and Meadery  Using Our Interactive Map
A self-proclaimed, “hippie” winery, this lively winery and meadery features live music every weekend to set the groovy vibes to sample their selection of local wines, mead, craft beers, hard cider and local spirits.
Quartz Rock Vineyard
Hudson Valley
Explore Quartz Rock Vineyard Using Our Interactive Map
Housed in a 1913 barn near the top of Mt. Zion Mountain in Marlboro, this boutique-style winery grows 100 percent of the fruit used in its wide variety of wines on its own farm.
Robibero Winery
Hudson Valley
Explore Robibero Winery Using Our Interactive Map
Set on a 42-acre property nestled in and around the Shawangunk Mountain ridge, this small boutique winery artisan wines unique to their terrain.
Shawangunk Wine Trail
Hudson Valley
Explore Shawangunk Wine Trail Using Our Interactive Map
Nestled between the majestic the Shawangunk Mountains and the scenic Hudson River, the eight-mile Shawangunk Wine Trail is home to 15 diverse wineries and is located just 60 miles north of New York City.
Tousey Winery
Hudson Valley
Explore Tousey Winery  Using Our Interactive Map
This family-owned and operated boutique winery offers a variety wines that include Pinot Noirs Rieslings, chardonnays and reds along with its signature Cassis...
Ulster County – far from ordinary
Hudson Valley
Explore Ulster County – far from ordinary Using Our Interactive Map
Ulster County invites you to “get lost on purpose” in this beautiful, historic and soulful area in the heart of the Hudson Valley.
Page: 1 2 3 SHOW ALL Viewing 9 - 16 of 17