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Fulton County
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The Adirondacks
Explore Daiker's Using Our Interactive Map
Since 1956, Daiker’s has been a “pit stop” for visitors to 4th Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks serving up classic American pub fare and comfort food.
Frankie's Taste of Italy
The Adirondacks
Explore Frankie's Taste of Italy Using Our Interactive Map
This Old Forge eatery offers fresh authentic Italian cuisine using only fresh pasta made in Boston's famous North End.
Keen Kitchen
The Adirondacks
Explore Keen Kitchen Using Our Interactive Map
Open for lunch and dinner, this small neighborhood eatery offers a seasonal menu of homemade Italian, American and seafood dishes.
Keyes' Pancake House
The Adirondacks
Explore Keyes' Pancake House Using Our Interactive Map
Open for breakfast and lunch Friday through Monday, this old-fashioned eatery offers a variety of pancakes and an extensive breakfast menu, served all day.
Misters Bistro
The Adirondacks
Explore Misters Bistro Using Our Interactive Map
This upscale-meets-homey bistro features both small and large plates with locally sourced ingredients all prepared to order.
Mountainside Smokehouse & Grill
The Adirondacks
Explore Mountainside Smokehouse & Grill Using Our Interactive Map
Just 7.4 miles outside of Old Forge, Mountainside Smokehouse & Grill offers barbecue and Southern cuisine.
Red Dog Tavern
The Adirondacks
Explore Red Dog Tavern Using Our Interactive Map
Red Dog has become known for their mouthwatering barbecue ribs, pulled pork, “HOT” Armageddon Sauce and grass-fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free beef burgers...
Restaurant at Van Auken’s Inne
The Adirondacks
Explore Restaurant at Van Auken’s Inne Using Our Interactive Map
The refined restaurant at Van Auken’s Inne offers a wide range of seafood, including surf and turf, as well as regional recipes like vodka riggies (rigatoni) and Utica greens...
Page: 1 2 SHOW ALL Viewing 1 - 8 of 12