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Burger Theory
The Finger Lakes
Explore Burger Theory Using Our Interactive Map
With focus on gourmet burgers, the restaurant's signature beef burgers are a special blend of Certified Angus Beef chuck, brisket and short rib, served on a potato bun.
Elderberry Pond Restaurant
The Finger Lakes
Explore Elderberry Pond Restaurant Using Our Interactive Map
Elderberry Pond Restaurant is listed as one of the finest restaurants in the Auburn Area and features fresh produce picked daily and meats from its pasture raised animals
Hunter's Dinerant
The Finger Lakes
Explore Hunter's Dinerant Using Our Interactive Map
Known for its specialty, French fries and gravy (and now poutine), Hunter’s offers a family-friendly menu featuring homemade comfort food and desserts that include fresh homemade pies.
Lasca's Restaurant
The Finger Lakes
Explore Lasca's Restaurant  Using Our Interactive Map
Lasca’s has been dishing up Italian fare featuring veal, choice steaks, chops and fresh seafood along with dessert and drinks since 1987.
Moro's Table
The Finger Lakes
Explore Moro's Table Using Our Interactive Map
Moro’s Table in Auburn has been rated in the top 10 of the best wine country restaurants in the country.
New Hope Mills Café and Store
The Finger Lakes
Explore New Hope Mills Café and Store Using Our Interactive Map
Serving locally roasted coffee, baked goods, pancakes, specialty drinks, teas, expresso, and much more, New Hope Mills Café is part of the New Hope Mills brand.
Osteria Salina
The Finger Lakes
Explore Osteria Salina Using Our Interactive Map
Osteria Salina specializes in wood fired cuisine and traditional Sicilian fare along with a nightly raw bar with shrimp, oysters, clams, lobster and more.
Prison City Pub & Brewery (restaurant)
The Finger Lakes
Explore Prison City Pub & Brewery (restaurant) Using Our Interactive Map
Prison City Pub & Brewery is a brewpub and restaurant in Auburn, offering an extensive beer, wine, and cocktail list in addition to house made beers.
Page: 1 2 SHOW ALL Viewing 1 - 8 of 11
Cayuga Lake Wineries