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Huttopia 2024

Ghost Hunts at Rolling Hills Asylum

Open year round (but the month of October is especially spooky): Tour the paranormal hot spots where the spirits are real and documented, and then explore the historical 6,000-square-foot asylum...

11001 Bethany Center Road
East Bethany, NY 14054
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Rolling Hills Asylum, considered the second most haunted site in the United States by Haunted North America, invites you to “Get Committed” this October. Choose from more than 70 tours all month long from the most haunted asylum in the country.
Tour the paranormal hot spots where the spirits are real, documented, and often cause the inexplicable to happen. Then, if you’re still brave enough to explore, wander about the historical 6,000-square-foot asylum, authentically haunted with more than 1,700 documented deaths across nearly 200 years of history and mystery with thousands more deaths unaccounted for. 
Originally known as The Genesee County Poor House, the facility opened in 1827, housing the mentally and physically disabled, widows, orphans, indigents and more. The property closed in 1974 as county property and has had a succession of private owners over the years. Rolling Hills Asylum is internationally known as a paranormal hotbed and has been featured on numerous paranormal shows, and featured as a film location in movies and television.
Rolling Hills is open year-round for the para-curious and also offers history tours, paranormal investigation classes, movie nights and special and celebrity events.

East Bethany, NY

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