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Oswego Expeditions

Savor the Cuisines of Upstate New York

Food & History Tours are offered in Buffalo, Ithaca,

Albany, Troy, Oswego, Lewiston, Syracuse, Saratoga Springs,

Canandaigua, Rochester, Beacon, and the Catskills


Wow  Food and History Tours  are a fun and delicious way to enjoy the signature flavors of an area's cuisines and brews while learning about local history and culture. Professionally-guided walking and bus tours visit shops, restaurants, pubs and historic sites, allowing ample time for guests to experience the town and its unique food and craft beverage scene. On every tour, there’s much to learn, and so much to taste !



> Buffalo's original 'Buffalo Wing Trail'

The pubs & corner taverns are as unique and distinct as the wings they serve.

Home to the famous Buffalo style chicken wings, the Buffalo Wing Trail offers a dozen wings at more than a dozen different restaurants, pubs and bars. The iconic Anchor Bar, considered the bar that started it all in 1964, is one of 13 stops along the trail.

> Take the 'Ithaca is Foodies' Culinary Tour

Explore the City that boasts more restaurants per capita than NY City !

Enjoy this immersive culinary adventure while getting a taste for Ithaca’s history, culture, and architecture. Along with its multitude of gorges and waterfalls, this New York college town boasts its own famous chefs and tasty offerings and has been said to have more restaurants per capita than New York City!

> Historic Downtown Albany Food Tour

Sip and sample unique eats and drinks while exploring the foot print of Albany.

Taste Albany's rapidly evolving culinary scene and discover stunning architecture and cultural tidbits that will help you develop a fresh perspective of the Capital city. The Albany Food Tour invites you to sip and sample unique eats and drinks while exploring the foot print of this historic city on the west bank of the Hudson River.

> Taste of Troy Food Tours LLC

Experience how history, creative culinary and drink meld into one delicious adventure.

Eat and sip your way through select restaurants and craft beverages while discovering the history of Troy as sightseeing and creative culinary and drink experiences meld into one delicious adventure. Choose from two Troy food tours – a Central Troy Historic District Food Tour and the South Troy and Ethnic Food Tour.

> Upstate Eats Trail

Experience some of the most authentic food specialties in the entire U.S.

Running through Western and Central New York, connecting the major stops of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton, The Upstate Eats Trail is a 225-mile journey featuring regional restaurants, roadside stands, corner taverns, diners and ice cream shops that make some of the most authentic food specialties in the entire U.S.

> Oswego Food & History Tours

Learn Oswego history as you walk, and drop in to sample delectable offerings.

Picturesquely seated on the Great Lake Ontario, the City of Oswego is steeped in history and full of unique restaurants, bistros and taverns. Learn Oswego’s history as you walk around the many historic buildings, dropping in at some of the local establishments to sample their delectable offerings.

> The Roaming Table: Lewiston-Niagara Food Tours

Discover the famous Dines of Lewiston, just minutes from Niagara Falls -

Discover what the Village of Lewiston has to offer, just south of Niagara Falls. Sample food and beverages from restaurants nationally featured on Food Network and The Travel Channel, while you learn about the rich history, culture and architecture of this small town near majestic Falls !

> Saratoga Springs Food Tours

Learn about Saratoga's 'Healing Waters' as you enjoy the local Farm delicacies..

This tour pairs tasty local cuisine with the special history, culture and lore of the “Spa City.” Beginning at the Saratoga Farmer’s Market, you'll enjoy fresh produce and a variety of homemade products while learning how Saratoga got its reputation as a place of 'healing waters.'

> Finger Lakes Food Tours

Stroll by Canandaigua's "chosen spot" and sample the Area's signature foods.

Stroll through historic Uptown Canandaigua eating, exploring and enjoying the signature food and gorgeous views of what the Seneca Iroquois called “The Chosen Spot” by Canandaigua Lake. Sample the foods of Canadaigua’s favorite restaurants, while learning interesting tidbits of this city’s history, culture and sights.

> Flower City Food Tours in Rochester

Join walking tours in either Rochester or Pittsford, on the historic Erie Canal.

You are invited to “nourish your brain and your belly” as this walking tour highlights architectural, historical and cultural points of interest between each and every bite of local cuisine. Tours are offerd in various areas of Rochester (Flower City) as well as close-by Pittsford, set on the historic Erie Canal.

> Hudson Valley Food and Farm Tour

Find farm-to-table dines & historic wineries, that even George Washington approved -

Learn the history of the mighty Hudson River and the Hudson Valley as you experience quaint Farmers’ Markets, artisan delights, farm-to-table dining, historic wineries and more. End your tour at the ‘Best Restaurant in the Hudson Valley’ and view the grounds of George Washington’s longest-running Revolutionary War Headquarters.

> Beacon Bites and Beverages

Enjoy some Eclectic bites and beverages from Eateries on the yummy side of Beacon.

With its proximity to the Culinary Institute of America and local farms, the eclectic and hip city of Beacon dishes up fresh, innovative bites and beverages by local artisans and chefs. The walking tour stops for tastings at eateries, creative shops, and urban spaces while learning about the former industrial-turned-artsy city’s lore and culture.

> Catskill - Table to Farm Tours

Cruise the scenic mountains, tour local farms, talk to the farmers, and taste their crafts.

The Catskills is a unique farming region, filled with a variety of small family farm producers. Reach the scenic mountain areas in a comfortable 15 passenger van to meet the farmers, tour their farms and hear their stories. Learn about their philosophies as you taste delicious farm-to-table food and handcrafted beverages.

> New York Kitchen

Take the Class and cook your own, or visit the Bistro for upscale American cuisine.

Overlooking gorgeous Canandaigua Lake, this state-of-the-art facility features a hands-on kitchen, educational theater, and tasting room. The Upstairs Bistro offers upscale New American cuisine. Designed to inspire and tantalize, the center is filled with exciting and tasty daily activities, events and cooking classes.