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Sports & Recreation in Thousand Islands

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Go White Water Rafting
Thousand Islands
Explore Go White Water Rafting Using Our Interactive Map
Navigate the longest stretch of white water rapids in Upstate NY with the help of ARO Adventure's experienced guides in every raft.
Adventure Calls Outfitters
Thousand Islands
Explore Adventure Calls Outfitters Using Our Interactive Map
For more than 30 years, Adventure Calls has been rafting on all three upstate rivers "the Genesee River, Cattaraugus Creek, and the Salmon River in Pulaski ..
B.O.B Rafting
Thousand Islands
Explore B.O.B Rafting Using Our Interactive Map
B.O.B. Rafting offers white water rafting adventures on the Black River, near Watertown and the Hudson River.
Get White Water Wet & Wild in Watertown
Thousand Islands
Explore Get White Water Wet & Wild in Watertown Using Our Interactive Map
‚ÄčIf you are craving excitement and a challenge, why not plan your next getaway around a white-water rafting adventure? (Spring/Summer)
Whitewater Challengers
Thousand Islands
Explore Whitewater Challengers Using Our Interactive Map
This outfitting company has guided millions if miles on the Black River in the Thousand Islands and the Hudson River in the Adirondacks ..