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Fort Niagara

Cities & Towns in Niagara-Western NY

Niagara-Western NY
Explore Batavia Using Our Interactive Map
Begin your Batavia journey at the Holland Land Office Museum, play at an indoor waterpark, enjoy horse racing, and take in a minor league baseball game.
Buffalo - NY's Gateway to the West
Niagara-Western NY
Explore Buffalo - NY's Gateway to the West Using Our Interactive Map
​Set on the shores of Lake Erie, the exciting metropolis of Buffalo is New York state's second most populous city after New York City.
Niagara-Western NY
Explore Lockport Using Our Interactive Map
Welcoming more than 2 million visitors a year, the city of Lockport is located just about 18 miles east of Niagara Falls USA.
Niagara Falls
Niagara-Western NY
Explore Niagara Falls Using Our Interactive Map
Get ready to be awed by the Falls! Niagara Falls is ideal for explorers, honeymooners, and those looking to experience a natural wonder known around the world.
Fort Niagara