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Chautauqua County Chautauqua Marina

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1000 Islands Bar
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Explore 1000 Islands Bar Using Our Interactive Map
Located inside the beautiful 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, the lively 1000 Islands Bar serves up light bar fare along with its wine, craft beer and cocktail offerings.
Take the Great American Waterways Cruise in 2019
All Regions
Explore Take the Great American Waterways Cruise in 2019 Using Our Interactive Map
New for 2019! Four stunning Great Lakes and the historic Erie Canal merge to create one amazing adventure.
Wreck of the Mary Kay
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Explore Wreck of the Mary Kay Using Our Interactive Map
Underwater photographers and videographers appreciate the bright natural light, and the vessel’s machinery make good photo props. There are a variety of fish that inhabit the area.
Chautauqua County Chautauqua Marina
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