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Dining in Oswego

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Pizza Villa
Thousand Islands
Explore Pizza Villa Using Our Interactive Map
Family-owned and operated, this hometown pie place dishes up pizza like you had when you were a kid along with Calzones, wings and subs – all at budget-friendly prices.
Press Box
Thousand Islands
Explore Press Box Using Our Interactive Map
This upscale sports bar and restaurant provides big screen sports action along with its wide assortment of pub-style menu items including burgers, paninis, wraps, entrees, grilled pizza, salads and more.
Red Sun Fire Roasting Co.
Thousand Islands
Explore Red Sun Fire Roasting Co. Using Our Interactive Map
Located in the heart of downtown Oswego, this upscale Italian eatery features big modern art murals, a sleek beer and wine bar coupled with a relaxed, casual atmosphere.
Rooftop Lounge
Thousand Islands
Explore Rooftop Lounge Using Our Interactive Map
Set in the heart of downtown Oswego, The Rooftop Lounge provides an upscale and vibrant space to unwind, while offering panoramic views and the Port City’s world-famous sunsets.
Rudy's Lakeside Drive-In
Thousand Islands
Explore Rudy's Lakeside Drive-In Using Our Interactive Map
Just outside the city of Oswego, Rudy's sits on the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario, this seasonal icon has been serving up American and seafood cuisine in fast order since 1947.
Skip's Fish Fry
Thousand Islands
Explore Skip's Fish Fry Using Our Interactive Map
This small family owned eatery offers authentic New England style fish fry including fresh haddock, scallops, shrimp and a host of other salt-water treasures.
Southern Fare Restaurant
Thousand Islands
Explore Southern Fare Restaurant Using Our Interactive Map
Inspired by the diverse culinary traditions of the American South, Southern Fare dishes up a range of soulful classics like shrimp & grits, Cajun shrimp boil and fried chicken.
Vona’s Restaurant
Thousand Islands
Explore Vona’s Restaurant  Using Our Interactive Map
Since 1946, Vona’s has been dishing up authentic Italian fare with recipes straight from Italy, best known for its garlic pizza, meatballs and Friday fish fry.
Page: 1 2 3 4 SHOW ALL Viewing 17 - 24 of 25